Monday, February 8, 2010

Let the creative juices floooow.

Sooo this something I've been working on. Not the best but I'm learning!! It's a rose headband with a pearl center. I'm going to start selling them and I will be making a website soon. I'm in the processes! In the mean time if you like what you see you can email me at and put in a request because I have tons of different fabric and headbands. Also the shipping will be free until futher notice. This has been so much fun making them. Who would have ever thought I would be somewhat creative at this. Soon will be coming necklaces and rings. I think the rings everyone will love!! I'll keep you posted and I would love to get some feedback on your thoughts.

Made with love. : ))


  1. Thank you!! My site is up!
    Check it out and let me know and please tell your friends if you think they might like.