Tuesday, March 2, 2010


Today, I was shopping on the Avon website and I saw some of the cutest things on there that I had to order. It's called a desert rose bib necklace. It's so pretty I just love how fun the colors are and the little flowers. The rep that I go through is just the sweetest! She always tells me about new and cute things that they're getting in, ships me all of the free samples, and keeps me posted. I really respect Avon because it supports cancer research for the benefit of women. I thought it was just so cool, I really didn't expect that at all! Also, I love that Reese Witherspoon is the spokesperson, I love everything she does! My rep also told me about this bag that I she thought would be handy for me and I honestly couldn't agree more so thank you!!

Check the website out!



  1. not feelin the bag but i like alot of avon products. not too much [bobbi brown all the way!]
    but anything that aids in cancer research is good in my book, and who better to do that then Avon:)
    nice post!

  2. I Love Avon, the bad is a bit "Different" but that cool. They have nice make up and things like. I love most of their bags too.