Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Right in the butt.

So yesterday I wasn't feelin too hot. I woke up with my throat all swollen and a fever. My body was all achy, my head was pounding, and I just wanted to sleep. I was driving to the store to get some stuff to make me feel better and I realized I don't know what it is about moms but I just started crying. I just wanted my mom. I know there isn't much she can do but it's just the comfort of her being there when I need her. I picked up some soup cried while I was at the store. People probably thought I was a freak. I cried on the drive back home and when I got home. So later on I could not fall asleep and I was cold and hot and cold and hot. So this morning my grandpa to me to this clinic where I waited for 2 hours before I got to go into the back room. When I finally go back there it was 45 minutes before a doctor came in. He told me I had strep throat which I already knew and they tested me for the flu also. 30 minutes later the nurse came back in and they told me that I would be getting two shots and then they'll give me all of my antibiotics. The second she told me about getting a shot tears filled my eyes. She brings them in and tells me,
"I'm going to need you to lay down because I have to put them in your butt."
"What! In my butt, are you serious."
"Yeah this one won't hurt but the second one does."

Point of my story I can't wait for me to not be sick anymore!! Oh and here I am hours later and my butt still hurts from the shots and I have bruises where she gave them to me.

Me = No like doctors!


  1. aww poor baby! I'm so sorry about your butt/sickness problem. Know that we all love you and miss you at work!

  2. butt shots are just a good excuse to moon somebody...hahaha