Thursday, October 1, 2009

Oh how time flies.

Sooo, I realized what this baby is for. To tell you a little about what I think and how I feel. it goes.


It's my favorite time of the year. I love the way the sun beats on my skin and warms my whole body up. The fact that you have to eat a popsicle so fast before it starts to melt and drip all over your hands. Just everything about summer makes me happy. I also love when you can drive around at night with the windows down and it's still 85 degrees out. I regret to inform you..fall is here. I just got home from the gym a little bit ago and it was 50 degrees out. I had to drive home with the heater on I was so cold. I couldn't believe, summer went by waaaay too fast for me. The one thing I can really say is I love fall clothes. They're my fav.

As Dashboard Confessional says.."So long sweet summer. I stumbled upon you and basked in your rays. So long sweet summer."

Hello Fall.

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